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Inspection entails entire or partial structures, using IR / RGB techiques.  The drones used have different modes for viewing structures.  In Smart Grid mode, the drone is positioned to allow drawing on the RC (remote controller) screen a box around the area of interest. This will be done with the wide angle camera.  Then selecting Smart Grid will switch to the Zoom camera, where it will take high definition imagery (4K) at 16X optical zoom. The result is a local website set of files that can be delivered to the client.  Then by selecting any of the boxes will pull up a 4K image of the area selected.  This can then be enlarged even more (up to four times before loosing any data).

Thermal inspections can be helpful on roofs (for water ingress...), solar panels (detection of blocking diodes going bad, reverse polarity, cell defects, junction or combiner box issues ...), wind turbines (connection points, switches, brushings, transformers, generators, motors, blade stress fractures...), house inspections (thermal quality, air leaks...) etc.

This house was built in the 1800's and short on insulation.  Wood burning stove going, with some solar noise on a 40F, late afternoon from the left (West).  Top floor is not heated (except of heat going up stairs).

Here's a friends log cabin with extensive insulation Basement included, heated).  There isn't any detectable heat loss (40F, late afternoon).

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