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Landscape models

Mapping can include orthomosaics (2D) and models (3D).  Mapping allows for highly accurate linear, volumetric and area measurements. So hills and depressions can be estimated for volume, distances measure (linear) and area will determine acres or square feet. Here are seven acres that were mapped in under 5 minutes.

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise (RTK enabled) with D-RTK-2 Base, 300' up, 34 mph, 240 images, Agisoft Metashape, flight followed terrain (120' delta from lowest point to upper) with hatch pattern, and enhanced border mode.

Here is an example of a new neighborhood being developed. The flight mission used is a lawn mower pattern of around 50 acres. The surveyers site map has been overlaid to show site boundries. 

This same orthomosaic image consists of 4K images stitched together, so they offer excellent detail    when expanded.

An orthomosaic image also offer elevation and contours, which is excellent to determine water flow / stagnation. Red is high ground. Gradients sizes for the elevation are customizable.

This orthomosaic image is of a gravel pit, with better definition for gradient, contour and volumetric measurements.

Trail Models

This 600+ acre orthomosaic comprises of 
1485 4K images taken over four miles of trails.
Use Cases: 
     SAFETY:  Reporting / Sharing location 
     SAR (Search And Rescue)
     Reporting progress 
     Map making / trail identification aid
     Overlay over Maps
     Trail Maintenance
     Trail Rerouting Planning
4K Images used for creating the orthomosaic are 
     available for the ultimate in terrain detail....   
Bar Codes 
These provide location (long/lat/alt) when scanned with a cell phone. 
They can be photographed and texted to rescuers, friends, team mates... 

The bar code once scanned, will open Google Maps with a pinpoint on the map. Distances can then be determined to heli pads, rescuers, friends, family etc.

A closer look....

Following are example 4K images used in this orthomosaic. They would be helpful for the best detail.  Images taken at 265' altitude (at 34 mph). Lower altitudes are possible,and would increase detail.  In this case, Terrain Follow was used, which allows for keeping the mapping 
at a consistant elevation (important for mapping).  Minimum heigth is 262 feet.  Used because a 400' delta between Bog Road and McMann Road exists. Here's an example.

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