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Sky Dog Aerial Thermal Imaging provides 'value add' to

   - Mapping

   - Inspection

   - Large Scale Modeling

saving the customer time and money, improving the bottom line.  Our drones can generate repeatable, orthomosaic (2D/3D) reports weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, depending on the inspection or construction cycles and customer needs. This helps provide timely status potentially impacting planning decisions.  These historically retrievable visual reports can provide site artifacts, confirming infrastructure, inventory, design vs as-built, conformance, linear and volumetric measurements etc.

Stay Connected to Your Project 

From Anywhere

  • Improve coordination with your stake holders, team and subcontractors using a highly accurate visual record of site conditions.

  • Review detailed aerial data alongside ground data (sub inch / pixel).

  • Shared accurate digital reconstruction of job sites via the cloud.

Today, show inspectors your site met conformance three months back (or further).  Including waivers were met, environmental barriers were placed before earth work started, and the required distances were met.  Using photogrammetry, show sequence of build events specified were met with buffer zones met or exceeded with annotated linear measurements. Accurately measure earthmoving needed to reach finished grade.


FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilot specializing in:
  • Construction: Repeatable site mapping for status, compliance, measurements etc.
  • Inspection: Power Utilities/TELCOM towers, roof, HVAC, solar panels, insurance etc.
  • Photogrammetry : 2D orthomosaic / 3D Models
  • New home construction periodic status
  • SAR: Search and Rescue
  • Fire Site Status
  • Accident site mapping 
  • Vegetation health and more
3D Modeling allows for measurement and evaluation of existing structures. Model data can be exported to CAD programs for additions, repairs or improvements.


3D Model of Lew French Stonework at Martha's Vineyard Museum
Model of Train in Groveton NH
600+ images, 13.5 Million meshes.
1044 images, mesh generation (~20 million)
Model of Old Bloomfield Town Hall in VT 950 images, ~20 million meshes.
North Stratford, NH Depot
680 images, 13.5 million meshes

Roof Inspection - Thermal

Thermal services include roof evaluations (water ingress detection, compromised areas etc.), search and rescue, fire site evaluations, HVAC, cell and power towers etc.
Aerial Thermal Roof Inspection
Aerial Thermal Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection - Visual

Roofing reports can be generated by high resolution imagery, containing a full complement of data sets useful for insurance or construction with minimal risk and impact on roofs. MORE.
Aerial Roof Inspection Report


BRIDGES - Maidstone Bridge - Maidstone VT / Stratford NH

Aerial Inspection: Maidstone Bridge - Maidstone VT
Aerial Inspection: Maidstone Bridge - Maidstone VT
Aerial Inspection: Maidstone Bridge - Maidstone VT
Aerial Inspection: Maidstone Bridge - Maidstone VT

Towers - Power - TeleCom 

Aerial Inspection: TELECOM
Aerial Inspection: TELECOM
Aerial Inspection: TELECOM



volumetric measurements, contour and elevation annotations, linear, area ...

Aerial Inspection: Gravel Pit
These gravel piles can be evaluated as a DSM or DTM, using a 
  • Use Linear fit for measuring most volumes on relatively flat ground.
  • Use Lowest point for bins, pits, or stockpiles up against a wall.
  • Use Triangulated for very large or long and narrow stockpiles on contoured ground.


  • Neighborhoods

  • Construction Sites

Measure, evaluate, redirect
construction efforts to ensure
  • environmental
  • infrastructure   
  • build compliance.
Aerial Mapping of Neighborhood

Mapping Land Development: Fifty Four acres / 584 images / Flight time ~16 minutes, fully autonomous (repeatable), Hassablaad camera, mechanical shutter, mapping speed: 34 mph.  Below, measurements include: road length, road area, cul de sac area, elevation / contours and overlay of site map onto orthomosaic of future neighborhood.

Aerial Land Development Mapping
Aerial Land Development Mapping
Aerial Land Development Mapping
Aerial Land Development Mapping
Site Map Overlay onto Land Development Orthomosaic

(Search and Rescue)

Searching for Fawns before Mowing of Fields
Background: The first two weeks after birth, baby deer typically left in fields and visited by their mothers dawn and dusk.  Otherwise the mothers protect their babies by staying away.  This is because the fawns don't have a scent, mothers do. Farmers have a hard time seeing them while mowing, because they are the size of a dinner plate while curled up. Expecially early on, they also don't move when in danger, since that's they're only defense. Farmers move fast, mowing up to 20 acres an hour. They do alot to try avoiding them, but sometimes don't see them in time.
Search and Rescue - Fawns
Search and Rescue - Fawns
Search and Rescue - Fawns
Wide Angle at 225'
640x512 Thermal
40X + Zoom
Chief Pilot - SkyDog ATI
SAR Equipment: DJI M30T


1 Chiswick Rd.

Hudson, NH 03051

Remote pilot Part 107 certified and insured.

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