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Sky Dog Aerial Thermal Imaging provides 'value add' to inspection or construction efforts, saving the customer time and money, improving the bottom line.  Our drones can generate repeatable, orthomosaic (2D/3D) reports weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, depending on the inspection or construction cycles and customer needs. This helps provide timely status potentially impacting planning decisions.  These historically retrievable visual reports can provide site artifacts, confirming infrastructure, inventory, design vs as-built, conformance, linear and volumetric measurements etc.

Today, show inspectors your site met conformance three months back.  Including waivers were met, environmental barriers were placed before earth work started, and the required distances were met.  Using photogrammetry, show sequence of build events specified were met with buffer zones met or exceeded with annotated linear measurements. Accurately measure earthmoving needed to reach finished grade.

Stay Connected to Your Project 

From Anywhere

  • Improve coordination with your stake holders, team and subcontractors using a highly accurate visual record of site conditions.

  • Review detailed aerial data alongside ground data (sub inch / pixel).

  • Shared accurate digital reconstruction of job sites via the cloud.


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Image credit: DroneDeploy
Services : FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilot specializing in Construction, Inspection (Power Utilities/TELCOM towers, roof, HVAC, solar panels, insurance etc.), photogrammetry, orthomosaic (2D-3D), Search and Rescue, Fire Site Status etc..

Thermal services include roof evaluations (water ingress detection, compromised areas etc.), search and rescue, fire site evaluations, HVAC, cell and power towers etc.

Roof Inspection

One Chiswick with text.jpg

Roofing Inspections - Visual

Earth view on my street.

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For Fun

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Musquash Panorama.jpg

Musquash Pond


1 Chiswick Rd.

Hudson, NH 03051

Remote pilot Part 107 certified and insured.

Our Partners

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